June 5, 2020

1960 MGA Interior Trim: Soft Top Install

Kath and Brian have been working on our 1960 MGA interior. They firstly fitted the metal hood frame to the car.

Then Kath has covered the front header rail in fabric and stapled and glued into place.

Once the header rail was in place, Kath and Brian fitted the main hood cover over. They inserted the metal bar into the rear section, ready to clip onto the car. They then pulled the cover over and attached to the header rail ensuring that the tension was perfect before fully securing.

Kath then made some flange covers to cover up the copper ‘O’ ring.

She then finished off the soft top roof with final trim sewing and securing the header rail.

Next up, Kath and Brian marked out where the fixings attach to the hood, then fitted the roof to the car from the rear.

They then adjusted the front corners of the soft top and completed the job by fitting the front end cover.

Superb work, Kath and Brian. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in this hood is absolutely superb!

In The Trim Shop: Jensen 541R Interior

Brian, one of our Classic Car Technicians who specialises in Interior Trim has been making superb progress on the interior of our 541R.

Brian has fabricated new footpanels with back supports screwed in. He’s also stripped down the old scuttle panels.

He’s cut new scuttle panels and drilled correctly placed holes.

Brian has dismantled the original under-dash panels and is making new under-dash panels from millboard. He’s stripped down the original door panel infills and trimmed in black leather. The attention to detail is second to none. Beautifully done, Brian.

1960 Jensen 541R Restoration Progress

Paul has been working on our 1960 Jensen 541R restoration. He’s fitted the doors and prepared the prop shaft to paint black.

A new brake servo unit has been fitted with custom brackets. We’ve installed EPS (Electronic Power Steering) and fitted in place. Paul has also installed the Brake and clutch pedal mounting box. He’s fitted the front brake hose and modified bracket to hold the hose.

New Arrival 1956 Land Rover Barn Find

Stored for over 40 years in a Suffolk Barn, this gorgeous Series One 1956 Land Rover has been brought to us for Restoration.

The first port of call will be to fully inspect this vehicle and asses the levels of rust and corrosion. The owner has asked for us to bring the vehicle up to MOT standard and get it to a usable, reliable shape. They’ve elected to try and retain as much of the lovely patina as possible, which on a vehicle such as this is just lovely.

Scott, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians actually daily drives his fully restored Series Two Land Rover. The team are excited to see this vehicle at the workshops, however, nobody is quite as excited as Scott!

What a Triumph! Our Hardtop Restoration Is Almost Complete

Our Triumph TR6 Hardtop restoration is now almost complete. We just need to fit the glass now, and it’s ready to go. A collaboration between our Paint and Trim Shops, this is now looking immaculate. Great work team.

In the Trim Shop, Kath has fitted the main headliner and trimmed around the b posts. She’s and re-covered the three boarded sections for the inside rear window. She’s installed the front edge rubbers and cleaned up the old rear rubber. The final stage will be to fit glass and then it’s ready to be used on the owners TR6.

1957 Jensen 541R Gearbox Repositioning

John has been working on our Jensen 541R Gearbox. This Tremec gearbox is mated to the Corvette engine given to this unique Jensen. To get the gear lever position perfect John has repositioned the whole gearbox forward for the ideal driving position.

Wonderful work, John!

1988 Nissan 300ZX Restoration

This late 80’s Japanese sports car is being put back on the road and needs a bit of love to get her ship-shape.

Paul has been tasked with undertaking the restoration of this lovely vehicle.

The 300ZX’s rear brake calliper has a very corroded piston and bore. Both the rear and front brakes are showing significant corrosion and are in need of a complete overhaul.

The shock inserts needed replacing so we’ve sourced and installed new. The alloy wheels have been professionally refinished and treated to fresh new rubber. They look absolutely stunning and work perfectly with the styling of this 300ZX.

Paul has discovered the source fo the coolant leak. The top hose connector has corroded (pictured below). This will need replacing with new.

1982 Porsche 911 in The Paint Shop

This beautiful 1982 Porsche 911 has just left the paint shop after it’s repairs by Darren.

The front nearside wing had a nasty scratch that needed addressing. The rear spoiler had suffered the effects of having slight moisture and also needed repainting. Using our State-Of-The-Art paint matching system, Darren has been able to perfectly repaint the effected areas in the exact colour matched paint. The best compliment with repairs like this is not knowing any work was ever done. As always, a superb job from the Paint Shop.

This lovely vehicle is now in our Trim Shop for a roof-lining repair.