March 18, 2020

Jensen 541S Grille and Bonnet Adjustment

Dave has started work on our beautiful 1962 Jensen 541S. The vehicle is in for some small, remedial tasks. A new front grille is on the list to be fitted and here at Bridge Classic Cars we have manufactured the tooling to replicate the S grille and have been one of the main suppliers of the Jensen 541S grille.

The bonnet latches also need adjusting and the engine is not running anywhere near as beautifully as it should be.

Andrew Warne Testimonial Race

This past Sunday (15th March) marked the date of Andrew Warne’s testimonial race at Swaffham Raceway. Several of the Bridge Classic Cars family came out to attend as Andrew’s number 246 was raced by brother Antony alongside father Darren.

1999 Porsche 911 visits us for interior enquiry

This gorgeous 1999 Porsche 911 popped by the workshop last week to see if we could tackle some interior fixes; the headlining, dash area and a possible full interior re-trim.

We hope to see this Porsche 911 back in the workshop soon for Kath and Brian to work on.

1968 Triumph TR5 Bodyshell

Our Triumph was brought to us part way through it’s restoration. As such, the body shell is being restored elsewhere. We’ve been sent images as the body progresses and we do hope to have it with us very soon to continue with the re-build.

Peugeot 504 Bodywork Restoration Continues

Scott has been grinding out over 1/4 inch deep filler that’s covering very poor rust repairs. Where flat sheets of steel have been simply tack welded over the rust it’s caused the rust to worsen.

Scott has cut out the pervious repairs and worked back further into the car until the solid metal. From there he’s fabricating repair sections and welded them in, repairing correctly any rotten sections along the way. Great Work, Scott.

1934 Riley Monaco Service

Pete has been servicing our lovely classic Riley Monaco. As part of the service he’s replaced all fluids including diff oils.

Pete is also looking into adjusting the bonnet to fit correctly and fixing the fuel gauge.

He’s also checking all the brakes and servicing them where required.

1960 Jensen 541R Interior Trim

Kath, Bridge Classic Cars’ in-house trimmer is working hard on our Black 1960 Jensen 541R interior. Kath is now working on the second Jensen seat from the black leather hide. She begins by marking out the new parts, using the old components as templates. The old seat tub, base and squab has also been prepared and refurbished, ready for the new leather to be sewn on. Lovely work, Kath.

The black interior to match the black exterior will look absolutely stunning when complete. The chromework is sure to look incredible when paired with the all black colour specification.

1957 Jensen 541R Bodywork Goes Into Paint

Chris has been working on our 1958 Jensen 541R. He’s now finished off the last fibreglass repairs on the underside of the bonnet and completely stripped down the body panels for painting. He’s begun the first layers of filler primer on the boot, bonnet and side-skirts. It’s crucial at this phase to ensure the surface is absolutely immaculate before colour paint is applied. It’s only by taking extreme care now that we achieve the perfect finished product. Great work, Chris.