March 12, 2020

Peugeot 504 Restoration: Engine Works

Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist has be tacking our Peugeot 504 engine restoration while Scott is fixing up the bodywork.

He’s removed the engine, stripped off the front cover and found that becuase the front cover was fitted incorrectly, the crankshaft pulley was wearing through it.

We will now be making a bespoke oil seal conversion for this Peugeot 504.

1977 Triumph Spitfire Full Respray

Darren Has done a wonderful job on this Triumph Spitfire’s paintwork. The customer had selected this gorgeous deep black for their vehicle.

This vehicle is being restored at home by our customer, they wanted a perfect finish that only our state-of-the-art painting booth and highly skilled bodywork specialists could achieve.

Top work, Darren!

Jensen Perspex Ready for Fitting

The perspex is now ready to be fitted to both of our Jensens. Using the old perspex as a template, the fresh perspex was made to the exact same shape as the original was.

These are now ready to be fitted to both cars.

2004 Porsche 911 in for Service

Did you know we also work on modern cars?

This lovely Porsche 911 is in for a minor service which includes a visual inspection, checking water levels, checking lights, new oil and filters and lubricating any nessasary parts.

Morris Minor 1000: Engine Coming Out

Pictured below is our Morris Minor 1000 having it’s engine removed by Pete. The engine will be fully recommissioned including a new water pump and fresh paint.

1993 Rover Mini Appraisal

Paul has been appraising our Rover Mini to determine the extent of any rust and corrosion.

Upon inspection, there is substantial rust to this Mini. The vehicle would need a new rear subframe and either new subframe mounts or substantial repair.

Both side sills are heavily corroded and would need replacing or repair.

Collecting a 1993 Rover Mini

Pete has collected this lovely little Rover Mini. It’s in the workshop for a full appraisal before deciding if any restorative works will be carried out.