February 28, 2020

1957 Jensen 541 R Fibreglass work

Chris has been working with our Jensen’s fibreglass bodywork.

He’s applied new fibreglass to damaged areas, building it up layer by layer to achieve a strong bond. It’s then sanded back to match the sculpture and lines of the vehicle.

Chris has also ensured the boot trim and side panels line up and are fitting perfect before the first layers of primer are applied to the vehicle.

1967 AUSTIN MINI 850 Bodywork Prep

This lovely Austin Mini is in with us at Bridge Classic Cars for a full respray.

Before it makes its way into the paint shop, Antony has been preparing the body in our welding bay.

He’s been cutting out the rusted panels and replaced with new.

Check out the gallery below for all of Antonys top welding work.

1962 TVR Grantura complete – Shine Supply UK

Our 1962 TVR Grantura restoration is now complete and in preparation for the final photo shoot we called upon the skills of our good friend Mike at Shine Supply UK to give the car a Level 1 detail.

The final photo shoot was unfortunately postponed mid-way through due to the wonderfully unpredictable Suffolk weather.

Thank you to Butley Priory for your initial welcoming, although the shoot was short lived we hope to see you very soon to complete the day.

1957 Jensen 541R Bodywork fitting

Chris has been working hard on our Jensen 541R this week. He’s been fitting up the bodywork, making sure the fitment is perfect before it’s painted.

Dave’s newly modified hinges now mean the door opens and closes perfectly. Chris has installed the door catch and adjusted the hinge so the door closes with precision.

There was a crack apparent in the drivers side door so it was welded up before we move onto paint preparation.