February 26, 2020

Our 1991 Fiat Panda 4×4 Sisley arrives

A trip to our friends at Anglia Car Auction today to collect the 1991 Fiat Panda 4×4 Sisley. The new owner of this very rare find resides overseas and having recently purchased the car we have been assigned the task of a potential restorations.

From initial contact, the new owner would like us to re-trim the interior and carry out a full respray.

The Panda 4×4 Sisley limited edition was based on the standard 4×4, with metallic paint, inclinometer, white painted wheels, roof rack, headlamp washers, bonnet scoop, “Sisley” badging and trim.

Although originally limited to the production of only 500, in 1989 the Sisley model became a permanent model.

Still a very rare piece, we are very excited to get started on the project.

New Showroom Arrival: 1998 Porsche Boxster

We’ve recently acquired this lovely little Porsche Boxster. These boxers represent absolutely phenomenal value for money. A wonderful driver focused car, they handle like every Porsche should. The punchy 2.5L engine delivers enough power to bring a smile to your face on any British ‘B’ road.

This is an early model Boxster and features Porsches 2.5L boxer engine powerplant. The Boxster got its name from two of its main features, its boxer engine and its roadster shape, resulting in the name Boxster.

To enquire further about this vehicle, give our friendly sales team a call on 01473 742038

2003 Lotus Elise Hardtop Retrim

Kath has done a lovely job restoring the hardtop for our customers Lotus Elise. She’s applied the brushed black nylon to the roof and re-insalled the plastic trim. The roof is now looking fabulous! Great work Kath!

Does your interior need a freshen up? Get in touch today to see how we can help rejuvenate your vehicle.

1960 Jensen 541R Interior Trim

Kath has been making great progress on our Jensen 541R interior.

She’s been carefully stripping down the original interior. The original material is then used as a template for fresh material to be cut to. When cutting out the material its crucial to leave enough spare material for the seam, whilst also making the most out of each roll of the expensive leather.

These Jensen interiors are far more complex than many vehicles of the era. They use plenty of tacs to keep the material in place. This provides a wonderful tight quality finish, but is very time consuming to safely remove. We will upholster the interior in the same fashion to keep everything as original as possible.

The current red interior will be changed to a wonderful rich black leather. This will match the stunning deep black exterior that was recently finished by Chris down in the Paint Shop.

Next up, Kath will be reupholstering the interior in the freshly cut new black leather.