February 25, 2020

Morris Minor 1000 Repairs

Dave, one of Bridge Classic Cars’ vehicle technicians has been hard at work on the restoration of this Morris Minor 1000. He has Removed the worn brake pedal. The pedal currently has a lot of play in it which will need addressing. 

Dave has welded in two steel plates into the chassis and repositioned two captive nuts inside of the chassis box. He’s also repaired the end of the mounting brackets.

The brake master cylinder has now also been removed. We will check the seals and refurbish it to full working order.

The next stages will be to weld all the floors and panels that are corroded and re-align panels that have flexed with age.

Latest Workshop Arrival 1972 Peugeot 504

This week we’ve welcomed this beautiful classic Peugeot 504 Cabriolet into the workshop.

The first phase of this vehicles restoration will be as follows:

  • Evaluate the engine condition and locate points where the oil is leaking. We can then rectify these leaks once the engine is out of the vehicle.
  • We will be removing the engine and gearbox. Then we can clean and detail the engine block, gearbox and engine bay components.
  • Remove all chromework and where necessary re-chome any damaged areas.
  • Rectify all rust affected areas and let in new steel as nessasary.
  • Prepare the car for paint and carry out a full respray in the factory ‘off white’ colour.
  • Refurbish wheels and then refit engine and gearbox.

Barons Auctioneers: Sandown Park Racecourse 25th February 2020

We are at the Barons Auctioneers Winter Warmer auction today. We’re representing a customer of ours, selling their Mark II Jaguar on their behalf. We have transported the vehicle to the auction using our covered trailer to ensure she arrives in top condition.

The Jaguar Mark II that we are selling is in fine company today. There is a wonderful selection of classics as you can see from our gallery below.

We have a wonderful relationship with many of the UK and Europes leading auction houses and can take the stress out of selling your cherished classic.

Thinking of selling your classic car? We’re always on the look out for quality classics to be sold from our showroom or at auction. Get in touch with our friendly sales team today to see how we can help.

1959 Ford Consul Brake System Restoration

This lovely ’59 Ford Consul is currently in the workshop. It’s the second Consul currently in our care. Pete is working on the braking system. We’ll be able to get this vehicle up, running and back on the road very soon.