February 19, 2020

Jaguar E-type Racecar: Dash Wiring

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ Electrical Technician has been working on our own E-Type racecar project. He’s currently wiring in all the gauges and instrumentation associated with the dash.

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Amphicar 770 restoration update

The interior is now really coming together on our Amphicar Restoration. When we received the seats, they were not quite up to our high standards. After a visit to our trim shop for some adjustments, the leather now fits perfect and has been installed into the car by Tom.

1963 Morris Minor 1000: Strip down

Dave has been stripping down our Morris Minor 1000. There is mild corrosion throughout the vehicle which requires cutting out and new metal letting in. Being a convertible, we will also need to ensure the structural integrity of the chassis.

As part of the restoration, Dave is stripping down the vehicle before the rust-affected areas can be repaired. The vehicle will have all the panel alignment checked, and if needed corrected, before it receives a full respray.