February 11, 2020

BMW M3 In the paint shop

Darren has sent over some images of the BMW mid-painting.

We can’t wait to share images of this lovely E36 M3 in the sunlight when the paint is completely set.

1997 Hudson Motor Company Mark IV Minor Repair

This lovely HMC Mark IV popped in to see us briefly to fix some sticking brakes and loose headlights. It was in and out within the hour and is now back on the road with its loving owner.

Mercedes SL63 Visits Bridge Classic Cars

We love it when friends and customers of ours pop by for a catch up…or to show us their latest toys!

We got to take a look at this stunning Mercedes SL63 recently. This beautiful machine is certainly a future classic.

1972 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 Final Fitting

Our beautiful Series 3 Jaguar E-Type is now so close to completion.

The interior restoration has been completed, it’s now a task of reinstalling the final few pieces of interior trim and completing the wiring and electrical systems.

Bob has diagnosed a few minor niggles within the electrics which he will be working on this week. Bob will also be fitting an immobiliser to this lovely Series 3 E-Type

1968 Triumph TR5 Interior Restoration

Our Triumph TR5 is currently having it’s interior trimmed at our in-house trim shop.

Kath has made webbing straps to attach to the seat frames. She then begun stuffing the side bolsters and seat backing with foam, moulding the foam position to fully fill the available space.

The final stage will now be to stitch back up the leather outside of the seat and install components back together. As always, Kath’s attention to detail is second to none. Stay tuned to see our TR5 Restoration progress!