January 15, 2020

Jensen 541 R Wiring update

Bob, Bridge Classic Cars’ electrical expert has begun installing the electrical wiring into our 1960 Jensen 541 R.

Jensen 541 R Chromework

Chromework has arrived back at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop for our two Jensen 541 R projects.

Pictured below is a selection of some of the chrome components that will be fitted to the completed restorations.

1968 TR5 Stripping Components

We’re in the early stages of our TR5 restoration. We need to asses which parts of the vehicle can be refurbished and which components will need to be replaced. As such, we will be stripping down every component and assembling from the ground up to ensure everything is in perfect condition.

Pictured below, Andy is stripping down the wheel hubs.

1960 MG A Suspension and rear axle

Paul has continued work on our lovey 1960 MG A. He’s fitted the rear axle with brakes. The leaf spring suspension and a fuel pump have also recently been installed onto the car. The MG is now ready for the half shafts and brake drums to be fitted next.

Bedford Truck Rubbers fitted

Dave has continued work getting out Bedford J Type truck roadworthy. He’s fitted brand new front quarter rubber seals. Pete is also working on the Bedford, ensuring the vehicle is roadworthy before it makes the journey down to London.

1959 Morris J Type Completed Seats

Kath has done a fabulous job trimming the black leather Morris J type seats. She’s perfectly matched the design of the old seat to a better than factory finish. Great work, Kath!