October 9, 2019

1971 Jaguar E-Type Roadster in Storage

With the owner of our stunning restoration out of the country for many months a year our 1971 Jaguar E-Type Roadster is now in storage for the winter within our showroom facilities.

We have worked alongside the guys at Carcoon for many years and their products are amazing and perfect for classic car storage. We have installed the Carcoon Evo in many single garages over the years.

Carcoon is the ultimate automobile storage system designed to protect your precious investment. With its unique, patented “active airflow” process and other advanced features, Carcoon sets a new standard in car care.

The original Carcoon was designed and produced by George Page in the mid 1990’s to help combat problematic areas encountered in automobile storage at his Classic Car restoration business in the United Kingdom. Today, Carcoon is the clear market leader in car storage systems in the UK and is rapidly gaining praise and acceptance from American car collectors.

The unique ‘active airflow’ system (worldwide patent), comprises of two air treatment units which operate continuously to provide super-atmospheric, circulating airflow for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Importantly, the circulating air is taken from inside the storage unit itself, which effectively isolates the flow of air from the outside environment. With a running cost of approximately 2 pence per day, who can’t afford that kind of protection?

Jensen 541R Spare Wheel Carrier

In order for Demand Engineering to commence work on the bespoke exhaust systems for our Jensen’s firstly we needed to fit up the newly manufactured spare wheel carriers in order to get exact measurements.

We have also fitted up the tank and new spoked wheels with tyres.

One for the future: Ford Mustang S.Code 390 GT – 1968

Damaged during an attempted theft, our 1968 Ford Mustang S.Code 390 GT has been lightly damaged over the majority of the panels. They were unsuccessful in leaving with the car however tools and other items from within the storage facility were taken.

Unfortunately the Mustang was used as a ‘table’ during this event and due to the age of the paint it will be almost impossible to colour match the entire car to the one or two panels that remain intact.

This project will be for a full respray but we await instruction from the insurance company.