September 30, 2019

@benjohnson_12 – September 2019

Ben shared new vs old images of his 1972 Jaguar E-Type restoration project to his followers on his Instagram page. Thank you for the share Ben, glad you like the journey with us…

Building our cutting and glue room

The new addition to our Trim Shop is the cutting and glue room.

This ventilated room has been purpose built to segregate the clean from the ‘dirty. As you may be aware if you have visited our Woodbridge workshops, cleanliness, is so important to our day to day activities. Now being able to reduce the dust in the air whilst cutting wood within our Trim Shop means that this task no longer needs to be carried within our other building opposite.

Our trimmers have the cutting and gluing tools within an arms reach. When complete, the room will house the new jigsaw and vacuum tooling and the glues can remain away from the brand new interior until required.