September 29, 2019

Francis Barnett exhaust issues

Slight problem with the exhaust. The silencer needs a modification to allow it to pass the rear shock. The mod requires a scallop section to be cut out and a replaced a with a concave plate. It’s the only way to fit the exhaust giving the correct clearance to shock, frame and rear guard.

Recently Spotted: Trains, Planes and Automobiles

A few recent spots by the guys at Bridge Classic Cars.

During a recent trip from Manchester back down to Suffolk we spotted a very unusual site on British roads.

Next up, we found our 5.0 Ford Mustang GT whilst on a recent trip to Switzerland.

On a recent trip to Southwold, just outside Adnams we also spotted this stunning Mexico parked up.

Two Corvettes in very different conditions spotted here in Ipswich; a 5.7l Corvette parked up at Makro this weekend and the 1970s Corvette very much in need of some TLC…and an engine!

And finally we are now the very proud owners of an original aircraft propeller which will soon be in pride of place within our Classic Car Showroom which doubles up perfectly as an aircraft hangar!