September 27, 2019

Colour process begins on our Jaguar E-Type Race Recreation

Since 2017 we have been revisiting the preparation of our 1967 Jaguar E-Type project car.

It started with an idea between Gordon and Craig, to create a project car that not only highlights what we do here at Bridge Classic Cars but is also a fantastic tool we could use to give back to the community around us. Our intention was and still is to work alongside local charities who do amazing work and help them in whatever way we can.

Many designs have been drawn up, many colours have been tried and tested and last week we were able to take the project a huge step forward by applying our new colour combination.

We are pleased to reveal our one-off design, our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Race recreation will be finished in the outrageously beautiful colour combination of Volcano Orange and Magnetic Grey.

The inside of our body shell and the underside of our bonnet and engine area will be finished in Magnetic Grey, similar to what you find on modern Fords. The seamless and chrome-less exterior will proudly show the bespoke three colour Volcano Orange system, similarly found on the McLaren.

The three colour Volcano Orange system consists of a ground coat (almost pink) metallic finish which we then apply a bespoke Volcano Orange dye to over the top. Once applied, we then coat in our very unique Diamondburst Tixo Clearcoat which is essentially a glass lacquer to create even more sparkle in direct sunlight.

Diamondburst Tixo Clearcoat is an acrylic clear coat with diamond effect for multi-coat systems. Diamondburst has been formulated with special transparent pigments producing a highly sparkling effect in direct sunlight or artificial light.