September 26, 2019

Future projects: MGB’s and Mini Cooper

A couple of exciting open discussions taking place at the moment with over some possible future classic car restoration projects:

We have 2x MG B’s in need of some attention. 1967 MGB Roadster, owned since 1983 and 1969 owned since 1993.

The MGB Roadster has remained untouched since purchased back in 1983.

It has been kept in a garage and hasn’t suffered any further damage during that time.

The owner, however, started working on the MGB GT as soon as acquired but unfortunately the work was stopped by an order from local authorities due to the complaints from my neighbours. The car has been kept under cover and hasn’t been touched since.

We also have our Mini Cooper 1.3 that requires body work repair and a general re-commission.

Mercedes 220 cracked Flywheel

Whilst cleaning up our original flywheel we have discovered a very small crack through the moulding. This has resulted in the flywheel being unacceptable to refit. Having searched online for some time and speaking to some very useful contacts we have been unable to source a suitable replacement.

We have therefore called in the services of a company that can re-manufacture to the original specification so are now awaiting the new item to arrive before we continue with the final stage of rebuild.

Undersealing our 1986 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet

We have now masked and covered up the exterior areas of our our VW Golf ready for the under-seal application to commence.

The underside has been stripped, tidied and cleaned up and we have coated in a Schultz based application. This treatment not only looks fantastic but preserves and prolongs the life of the car. All exposed parts that would inevitably be open to the elements now have an extra coating of pretection.