August 22, 2019

Re-visiting the underside of our Amphicar

We have made the decision to revisit the underside of our Amphicar. the reason being is that we collectively felt that it could be better. We stripped back what had already been done, repaired and repainted.

We are all now much happier with the results.

Morris C8 Engine

Our Morris C8 engine is now out of the truck and Ady has started to work on the strip down. A lack of oil has chewed the bearing and scored the crank shaft. As expected, deposits of metal shards can be seen in the sump.

Building up the Jaguar E-Type doors

Mauro is currently in the process of building up the 1972 Jaguar E-Type doors. The chrome work is being refitted, the rubbers are going back into position and the window and frame is now, once again, secured.