July 16, 2019

1959 Triumph TR3 body preparation

Our 1959 Triumph TR3 is now in the preparation area having the outer sills removed and corrosion behind repaired.

The sills will be replaced with new and repainted.

A tour of Old Jet, Rendlesham

Last week Bridge Classic Cars had the pleasure in being given a guided tour of the amazing creative set up at Old Jet, Rendlesham.

And look what caught our eye outside in the car park…

Old Jet is an arts centre based at Bentwaters, the ex US Air Force base in Rendlesham, Suffolk

The aim of Old Jet is to create an inspiring environment for people working in the arts and creative industries.

We believe that you produce your best work when you are part of a community of like-minded people.

Transforming our Bentley Continental Wheels

Our 2008 Bentley Continental split rim wheels have now returned from Wheelcare complete.

Wheelcare is an Alloy wheel refurbishing specialist. We offer our refurbishment in and around Essex and Suffolk. If your wheels are damaged or corroded they can really effect the look of your car and of course, it’s value. You can end up paying a lot of money for factory fitted wheels when they may not even be as good as your original set.

• Custom Finishes
• Tyre Fitting Service
• Diamond cut alloy repairs • Increase the value of your car
• Cheaper than purchasing new alloy wheels
• Powder Coat and Wet-Spray Finishing

Building up the TVR Grantura dash

Donna has now completed the re-trim of the dash in Poppy Red leather. The dash has been handed back to Brian to reinstate the refurbished dials.

Polishing some of the TVR Grantura parts

Working on cleaning and polishing our TVR parts ready for the rebuild. The warning lights, ignition and hinges have all been polished now and ready for refit.

The original badges have also had the polishing treatment.