July 12, 2019

1957 Jensen 541R bodyshell ready for refit

We are delighted with the ‘snug’ fit of our 1957 Jensen 541R bodyshell. Having spent some time perfecting the fibreglass shape and removing all signs of the years of cracking and wear within the moulding, the body shell is now ready for re-fit.

We are yet to secure the body shell to the chassis but our test fit results are fantastic with it being one of the best fits we have ever seen on the many Jensen’s we have worked with.

1960 MGA: 26 yrs stored in a barn

Having been stored away for 26 years in a barn in the midlands we were expecting the worse when we went up to collect the car. After pumping up the tyres and making a pathway it was relatively straight forward to wheel out which was great news.

With the car all loaded up as well as the boxes of extras we headed back down the A14 ready to welcome the car to our Woodbridge workshops.