June 5, 2019

Jaguar E-Type: Replacing the engine mounts and underseal

Two tasks to carry out today on our 1968 Jaguar E-Type. First up we have the replacement of the split engine mounts.

Thanks, as always to Pete and the team at SNG Barratt for the quick turn around on new mounts. Arrived next day to our workshops and ready to be fitted.

We have now prepared the under side for the under seal application. The area has been cleaned up, the components that we need to avoid with our under seal have been masked up so we are ready to go.

Progess on our new showroom

Work is now well underway on the new home of our classic car showroom. The cars are starting to move in now but at present this is a slow exercise as we are waiting on the space being deep cleaned and prepared for when we fill it.

New electrics have been fitted with LED ceiling drops and wall mounted LED’s all round.

The industrial cleaners start work on the ceiling to floor brush down so all cars are being removed to make way for the cherry pickers to get to work.

Faulty indicator on our 1957 Triumph TR3

Our 1957 Triumph TR3 is in today with a faulty indicator. Firstly we cleaned out the connections to the switch. We then replaced the relay and bulb and cleaned out the connections on the bulb. This repaired the fault so the car was good to leave us once again.

One for the future: 1973 Wolseley Six

Visiting our workshops today we have a wonderful little 1973 Wolseley Six in need of some TLC inside.

The carpets need to be replaced throughout, the seats require recovering, the dash recovered and some parts of the wood needs attention.