May 23, 2019

Unexpected issues on our E-Type

What we assumed would be a relatively straight forward diff upgrade on our 1965 Jaguar E-Type has unfortunately turned to be much more serious.

We have discovered rust coming through which will need to be addressed before we do anything else.

This has turned the project into something much larger but although the picture seems gloomy at present, once the work is complete it is reassuring to know that the car is as it should be.

Building up some E-Type Back Axles

Building up a couple of Jaguar E-Type rear set ups at the same time this week. First up, we have our E-Type race car back axle.

Secondly we have our up rated back axle with adjustable shocks, all new bushes and bearings.

Our E-Type shell is now in primer

We have now preserved our 1967 Jaguar E-Type body shell by applying a thin layer of primer. The restoration will eventually commence but until then we know that the body shell is safely inside and not open to the elements.

1977 MGBGT Rebuild Progress

The freshly painted black arches have now been covered up by the refit of the front wings.

The rebuild is coming along very well on our 1977 MG BGT with the wiring and new ceiling cloth now securely in position.

Mauro and Tommy are working together to refit the bright work and finish off the interior. The screens are scheduled to be refitted early next week once a missing rubber has arrived.

Replacing the bottom arms

In our workshops today we have our 2008 Range Rover V8 Sport to have the front bottom arms replaced.