May 3, 2019

BBC Radio 1’s Mollie King Experiencing the Land Rover Experience

Source: Instagram @mollieking

BBC Radio 1‘s Mollie King showing off her impressive skills to her 830k followers in the driving seat of the new Land Rover Evoque at the Land Rover Experience Eastnor.

Welcome to the Land Rover Experience Eastnor

“Experience the true spirit of adventure in its purest form. 66 miles of carefully managed trails in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the grounds of Eastnor Castle. Land Rover Experience Eastnor provides a unique adventure that encourages drivers to push both the vehicle and themselves to the limit. The terrain here is so varied and challenging that it has been used for decades as a secret test facility to refine and test the off-road capability of every new Land Rover. Featuring steep slippery inclines, articulation tracks, ruts, open ground and deep water, you really will have a true-to-life driving experience.

So whether you are looking at organising an event, professional driver training for your company, adventure days or a gift voucher for that special someone in your life. Land Rover Experience Eastnor is a truly unforgettable experience.”

1997 Bentley Turbo R in primer

Having etch primed the exterior sections of our Bentley we are now in the stages of final high build primer. The car has now been smoothed down and masked ready for top coat to be applied.

1952 MG TD: remedial works to be carried out

Prior to our 1952 MG TD heading off to it’s new home, we need to carry out a few small but very important improvements to the car.

The battery has become tired over time. Having checked the performance of the current battery we will be required to fit a new one in order for it to keep charge and consistency.

Under the bonnet and within the engine bay the paint has started to bubble where it has met with some toxic substance.

The leak has been detected and repaired, the area surrounding has been cleared of all components. We have removed all of the paint back to bare metal and treated the area in order for it to dry and remain uncontaminated.

1956 Ford Consul: Strip down and body repair

The strip down and repair of our 1956 Ford Consul is now well underway with Mauro concentrating his efforts full time on the project.

Everything removed has been carefully wrapped,documented and accounted for and is now in storage awaiting refurbishing and/or refitting.

The welding work is currently on going and we would expect to hand over to our painters for preparation in around a week’s time.