April 25, 2019

Triumph Dolomite Tank Corrosion

Our 1937 Triumph Dolomite is still struggling to run so is back in our workshops for some further investigations.

As you can see, the tank is full of rust and corrosion which is causing the fuel lines to clog up and subsequently the car to run badly and break down. The tank has been removed and although we would be able to clean out the tank it will inevitably continue to corrode so we have no alternative other than to manufacture and fit a new tank.

One for the future: 1998 BMW Z3 M

Visiting our workshops today in the hope of the not too distant future being able to offer this incredibly rare car to market. Here we have our 1998 BMW Z3 M. One of only 3 to have been registered in the UK in this stunning colour combination, this very low mileage example is a collectors dream. The car is beautiful and due to the owner’s relocation plans this car will soon be available to own.

1934 SSII (SS2) – Full Service Check

In our workshops today we our very special 1934 SSII for a full service and general check over.

As part of the service we are stripping and rebuilding the brakes all round due to a slight error with a previous fit up. This is a small alteration but is essential to keep the car as perfect underneath as it is on top. Whilst the brakes are being worked on we can look to make any improvements to them prior to the car being back on the road.

We have also been gifted with a fantastic lubricant point diagram to ensure all areas are covered.

Jaguar E-Type Full Re-Trim

It’s not always about re-inventing the wheel. When it comes to full re-trims sometimes we have no options but to re-produce the interior from scratch. Either the patterns are not readily available or the colour options that we intend on using are not standard. Other times however, full interior kits are available to purchase and when the choice of colour combination is standard this is more often than not the most cost effective way of working.

When buying any trim that has not been produced especially for your vehicle please be aware that they are produced using a generic template so it is not simply a case of buying them and they fit perfectly first time. You may still require an expert with the tooling and skills to manipulate the shapes to fit a specific area.

Our 1972 Jaguar E-Type interior will be finished in a standard Jaguar colour of Cinnamon. With this in mind, we have called in the assistance of Aldridge Trimming to supply us with a full Cinnamon kit for us to work with and this kit has now arrived in our workshops.

Aldridge Trimming:

Aldridge Trimming Ltd, is a family run business that has been established for well over half a century and three generations. The business was founded in the 1930’s and initially provided a local general trimming service for cars of the 20’s and 30’s era. Over the years, the business has evolved and expanded and we now employ 28 staff and have gained a world-wide reputation for quality British made interior trim, to original standards.

As well as our mail order side of the business, we also provide a bespoke trimming service for owners who bring their vehicles on-site. With a large workshop covering 20,000 sq ft and twenty skilled trimmers and machinists, we have the capacity to provide trim fitting services for well over 100 classic cars per annum. 

Whilst mainly focusing on the Jaguar Marques (specifically from the 1950s onwards), we also support Austin Healey, Triumph, Mercedes (from 1964 onwards) and Ford cars from the 60’s and 70’s era. We can manufacture anything from a sunvisor to a complete interior trim set for virtually any classic car including many modern vehicles (if the customer can supply original patterns) and we are constantly adding to our product range. 

Recently featured on National Geographic’s “Car S.O.S.”, we were involved in restoring 5 cars to their original condition. 

We provide an extensive range of trim kits for local and international mail order as well as being a supplier to some of the major Jaguar, Triumph and Ford Restoration companies both in the UK and Worldwide.”

Austin Healey: Tyres and Wheels

The brand new MWS 72 spoke stainless steel wheels have now been fitted to the 165 R15 tyres. As always, a huge thank to the guys at WeFitAnyTyresAnywhere, you never let us down.

MWS Full Stainless Steel wire wheels are manufactured using state of the art technology. Special processes were developed after long years of Research and Development in making these wheels. Full stainless steel wheels are made of superior Austenitic grade stainless steel that has excellent protection against corrosion.

The Stainless Steel rims and shells are polished to a superior natural finish in special purpose machines. The hand polishing by highly skilled craftsmen compliments this.

The Stainless Steel spokes and nipples are electro polished to match the lustre and colour of the rims and shells.

The Wheels are specially treated as a final process to retain the lustre and colour.

100% inspection on finish on all the parts ensures only the best quality products are passed out.

Repairing the Jaguar MkII Speedo

Our Jaguar MkII has developed a fault with the wiring connecting the speedometer. Due to a loose connection the speedo was only working intermittently so we have removed the unit, re-routed the wiring before connecting back up.

The car has now been tested and the speedo works as it should.

Removing our Consul windows

The front and rear screens have now been removed from our 1956 Ford Consul in preparation for the works to start.