April 22, 2019

Modern Classics Car Club

As they quite rightly say, the Jaguar F-Type “The Spiritual successor to the most beautiful car ever made, the E Type and to be honest it is a pretty good sequel to something that, in many peoples’ eyes can’t be beaten.”

Modern Classics is a Car Rental Company specifically for people who love older or special cars but don’t like the running costs, insurance and servicing that comes with them.

Cars from the 80’s 90’s and early 00’s which as well as being cool or iconic are also cars which are increasing in value due to them reaching classic status.

Not too old to be a liability or boring to drive but not too new to be like everything else on the road!

Modern Classics have sports cars, GT cars, convertibles and fun cars, things that will put a smile on your face and other peoples.

As we briefly mentioned previously, our good friend Jack spends his time travelling the world as Chief Officer on board luxury superyachts. As a member of the Modern Classics Car Club, when he is back in the UK he gets the opportunity to experience some of their amazing collection. This week he has been behind the wheel the Jaguar F Type. A car that makes you smile. It looks special from the outside and feels special on the inside. Add the 3.0 V6 with its ever present urgent exhaust note and you just want to get on and drive it.

The snappy gearbox, compliant suspension, sharp turn in and confident handling all make this car into a fun package.

The car you keep looking back at as you walk away!

Jack and Arabella have been out visiting the beautiful sites of The Isle Of Purbeck and Swanage.