March 21, 2019

Bridge Classic Cars: The Workshops

Monday to Friday our workshops here in Pettistree are always a hive of activity. With a 10 strong team we have projects on the go at all times.

Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and reflect on what we have and how fortunate we are to be able to work with amazing cars everyday of the week.

You can follow the team and our projects on:

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And here some of our latest pictures from Instagram @bridgeclassiccars

1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing Series 1: lined up for the paint shop

Our 1967 Jaguar E-Type Racing Series 1 will soon be rolled into the paint shop for the new colour transformation.

Colours have now been chosen, samples have been generated and we are happy to proceed with a bit more shaping and preparation before we can apply the top coat.

We estimate a week’s work left in preparation before paint.

1987 Mercedes SL500 – Body Repair

We are currently working on the body issues on our 1987 Mercedes SL500. A lot of areas require attention and a lot of metalwork is having to be removed before we can look to consider painting the car.

Unfortunately, due to the car being sat outside, untouched for many years, the areas where water has entered but but has been unable to escape has caused these areas to rot and corrode.

The affected metalwork is being completely removed and we are letting in new metal to correct the problem.

This will take time but once complete will give us a superb base to hand over to our painters for preparation and a respray.

1947 Standard Flying 14 – rewired

With a brand new wiring loom supplied to us from the guys at Autosparks, John has now successfully rewired the entire car from front to back. The existing wiring was questionable in places, patching up would not have been the solution and would certainly not have been the safest option so although we have had to wait 8 weeks for a new loom to be made, the car is now complete, safe and ready to return home.