March 20, 2019

Jaguar XK150S fit up

The freshly re-chromed bright work has now returned from Tony at Wyatt Polishing for us to fit back up.

We’ve also had a visit from Car Glass and Trim to refit the rear window for us.

Still a way to go but Dave has progressed well today with the refit today with the rear almost complete as we move forwards from there.

1936 Riley Merlin Nine – running issues

Having recently undergone a restoration, our 1936 Riley Merlin Nine has now come into us for us to look at a running issue.

At present, the car will only run on choke and will swiftly cut out when the choke is not engaged.

Having cleaned out the carbs, which were very dirty, we have also noticed a lot of play within the existing rotor arm.

A new set of points, condenser and rotor arm have been supplied to us from the Riley specialists at Blue Diamond Riley Services.

1958 MG Magnette: Service

Our 1958 MG Magnette has arrived in to the workshops for a full service and check over. Since the customer has owned the car it has not had a full service carried out. The car runs, sounds and drives beautifully but a little TLC never hurts anyone!

Jaguar Mark VII – leaving Canada

Our potential donor Mark VII has just left it’s Canadian home to start the long trip overseas, set to arrive here in the UK in 6-8 weeks.

Experimenting with colours…

This is a unique 3 stage colour we are testing and trialling. Most notably seen on the new McClaren, it is known as Volcano Orange and consists of a silver base coat followed by a top coat orange applied in varying levels.

Below, from left to right we have 2 coats, 3 coats, 4 coats and finally 5 coats. As you can see, the more coats applied, the deeper and more red the colour becomes.

We are also looking to experiment with a new glass beaded lacquer which is applied at the final stage to give an intense glass effect to the finished product.

Once the colour has been chosen, will will test it against the Magnetic Grey which is part of the desired two tone finish we are looking for.