March 11, 2019

1968 Triumph Vitesse in for a new hood

New arrival into our workshops today we have our 1968 Triumph Vitesse Mk 2 convertible with overdrive.

The car has come in for a new hood to be fitted due to the clear windows becoming very cloudy. Overall, the car is a wonderful example and is very much ready to drive and enjoy this summer. Perfect for the summer shows!

The current owner is looking to sell her but before we market the car we will fit a brand new hood under the owner’s instructions and should be ready for sale later this week.

Daisy is now naked…

Daisy is currently back with us and available for sale and as part of the re-marketing campaign we have removed the Daisy decals from the exterior. Some, I’m sure, prefer the originality of the car now in it’s ‘almost’ bare form but others will miss the daring graphics.

As we quite often say, any thing can be changed and re-applying the graphics to Daisy will be a relatively straight forward exercise.