February 14, 2019

Polishing our Austin Healey grille

It was a very time consuming and intricate task but Brian has now completed the polishing work on our original Austin Healey grille.

Admiring the CarCrazedFool collection

With almost 11,000 Instagram followers and over 12,000 Facebook followers, the CarCrazedFool certainly gets people talking.

You can’t help but admire the incredible collection of stunning cars the CarCrazedFool owns but more importantly…enjoys!!

Check him out on Instagram @carcrazedfool, Facebook @carcrazedfool and see the amazing videos of him and his mates enjoying some of the best driving roads in the world at CarCrazedFool online.

“Octane fuelled obsession. A passion for pure driving fun. Loving homologation specials, Porsche, old BMW M cars and American muscle. The hope with this page is to share with you some of the excitement, fun and thrills.

Sharing life with an eclectic car collection, embarking on epic road trips and all of the news from the global car community.

Always travelling fast, but never in a hurry.”

Here’s just SOME of his amazing toys…but there’s so much more to admire!

Cutting out more metalwork on our MGBGT

We are still in the process of cutting out the rot and corrosion from our 1977 MGBGT. We will then reshape and fit new metalwork into position before we start with the body preparation and paint next month.


Polishing the TVR’s expansion tank

Brian is currently working on polishing the TVR’s expansion tank and cap.

The results are amazing and no need for stripping and re-chroming on this one. The original ‘patina’ characteristics are present but will not look out of place against the newly refurbished body which is great news.