February 5, 2019

MGBGT Rostyle wheels refurbished

Wheelcare have carried out an incredible job on our original 1977 MGBGT Rostyle wheels. Reknowned for not being an easy wheel to refurbish they take time and patience but the results are amazing.

Fitted with brand new Continental tyres.

Coming Soon: 1959 Morris J Type

Arriving soon, our 1959 Morris J Type has a very special engagement in 2020 and needs to be back on the road in time.

We’ll be collected the vehicle within the next couple of months to prepare the body and give it a full re-paint. Once the paintwork is complete the van will return to the owner for the rebuild to commence.

A lot of reshaping and lining up will be required so once the shell is stripped back to metal we can get to work on perfecting the lines.

Our Amphicar wheels restored.

Our 13″ wheels have now returned from our good friends at Wheelcare in Colchester having been welded, repaired, stripped and painted. They are now ready for the tyres to be fitted so the car can go back on it’s wheels.

Wheelcare repair all makes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether they are polished, painted or machined. They also offer bespoke custom painting, powder coating, polishing and wet-spraying to further enhance the look of your car.

Our Austin Healey engine now fitted

Our 1955 Austin Healey 100M engine is now complete and refitted.

The body shell in now in for preparation ready for the respray to commence.

Correcting the parcel shelf catching issues

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Over time, the moulded speaker covers have warped due to age and the ever changing weather conditions. The bottom of both sections have started to flare  out at the bottom which has resulted in the parcel shelf catching and not rising with the boot lid.

We looked to purchase replacement but with no joy so we considered whether to remove, repair and strengthen or to strengthen in position. We opted to fix in them situ and to increase the fixings in them so that they do not bow again. This quick fix has separated the covers from the parcel shelf and now everything in the boot area works as it should.