December 7, 2018

Final stages of our 1960 Jensen 541S restoration

We are now into the very final stages of our 1960 Jensen 541S restoration. This very special and very unique car was one of only 3 prototypes produced by the Jensen brothers and was the only prototype to hold the automatic transmission which Jensen then went on to mass produce.

In theory, this is the very car that started the production of the Jensen 541S and this is the very car that can be seen across the majority of the Jensen marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately we have been unable to reunite the car with the original UK registration 750 CEA, due to the it being owned by an individual elsewhere…however the vehicle will be residing in Belgium and the current owner has now received confirmation that he able to use the original number of 750 CEA there which is fantastic news for the car and the history.

The final stages are now being completed with only the paint imperfections now to address.

The car will be leaving the UK early January to be introduced to her new home in Belgium.

Re-fitting the Amphicar engine

With so many projects currently being worked on our very own 1965 Amphicar as taken somewhat of a back seat recently. With the new year just round the corner our aim is to somehow squeeze our Amphicar into the projects list and get her back on the Suffolk roads (or water), hopefully by next summer.

The engine was completed some time ago so this week Pete, with the assistance of Dave and Brian when required has been able to re-instate the engine.