November 30, 2018

Painting our 1964 Land Rover panels

We are not completely satisfied with the overall look and feel and this stage. It is very tricky to replicate the flaws in paintwork. It’s much easier to carry out a perfect paint job but when the car has years of battle scares that you are trying to preserve it takes time and effort to make it look and feel authentic.

The paint looks too fresh and there are too many brush strokes in it but it is a great base to work on. We are now looking to roll another thin layer on top to build up the layers and possibly then look to buff out the shine.

Different lights and different angles reveal different imperfections.

Imperfections on this project are actually seen as a positive but too fresh and too clean gives off the wrong impression.

Back to the drawing board on this one…

1947 Standard Flying 14 now in for work to commence

Currently in our workshops awaiting a full re-commission, here we have our 1947 Standard Flying 14.

Work will commence once all of the parts have been sourced from the guys at the Standard Motor Club. The Standard Motor Club are a very exclusive club with parts only being made available to members of the club and owners of the Standard collection. Lucky for us, the owner of our 1947 Standard Flying 14 is a member and is able to assist with the parts required.