November 28, 2018

Recommissioning our Jensen gearbox

Our Jensen 541S has returned to Graham Whitehouse Autos to have the gearbox set up.

The gearbox was rebuilt by Graham Whitehouse Autos earlier in the project build but now we have it fitted back into the car and with the engine running we can now set up to maximise performance.

In order to reset the gearbox the bottom bell housing is removed along with the torque set torus cover bolts. The initial setting of the throttle control valve to gearbox is then reset. Once the car is road tested they then adjust the throttle valve linkage to give correct line pressure and kick down operation. A further road test is given with adjustments being made to fluid level to correct the settings. The torus cover bolts were re-torqued and then bell housing cover is refitted.

Repairing our Jaguar E-Type rear interior panels

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Although the rear panel sections are covered in material, here at Bridge Classic Cars we insist on carrying out our work to the highest of standards.

Breakages in the plastic moulding could be easily hidden up with a quick fix solution and then covered in vinyl or leather but as we have an expert plastic welder in the form of Brian, we use his skills to carry out amazing repairs on items that could be deemed as irreparable.

Brian is used to carrying out plastic weld repairs in the motorcycle racing scene with competitors coming from far and wide to utilise his skills. These skills can be easily transferred to the world of cars so our panels, in the hands of Brian, will soon be broken no more…

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