November 22, 2018

Equalising the combustion chambers of our 1939 Packard

Ady is currently equalising the combustion chambers on our 1939 Packard 120. This process can be time consuming depending on how far out the readings are originally. Equalising the combustion chambers is a way of levelling the readings of the cylinder capacity (CC). If the cylinders are reading differently from each other then his can cause the engine to run badly or not at all in some instances.

Ready to go home for Christmas

Our objective was to have the car up and running in time for the Christmas break. The current owner resides in Switzerland and is planning on spending the Christmas period here in the UK.

This is their chosen car for the Christmas break and I must say, what an amazing choice!

Our 1985 Mercedes 280 SL is now re-commissioned and ready to head home. We expect to see her return in the new year to start the restoration but for now, the car is mechanically sound and some minor alterations have been done to freshen up the look of the exterior.


Removing our 500SL’s V8 engine

The engine is now out of our 1987 Mercedes 500SL. Upon closer inspection, the timing chain is very loose and left in its current state would have further damaged the engine. We are lucky to have caught the problem when we did.

The engine will now be stripped of it’s components, cleaned up, repaired and rebuilt. Whilst Ady is busy working on the engine we can look to tidy up the engine bay so the nicely refubished engine can be homed back into a nicely refurbished engine bay.