November 13, 2018

Completing the work on our Granada sills

Work is almost complete on the refit and welding of our 1989 Ford Granada sills.

The sills are brand new and have been a fantastic purchase for us. Buying pre-made sills has saved Tommy a huge amount of time and effort. Without them, he would have had to re-shape the metalwork to replicate the Granada’s sills. This would have taken time and money.

It is often a worthwhile exercise to spend some time looking for parts that you may help you with your projects, things that will essentially ‘make life easier’ for you.

Lowering the seats on our 1971 Jaguar E-Type

Dave has successfully re-manufactured the strengthening bars that hold the driver and passenger’s seat into position.

Our objective was to lower the seat as much as we could to allow for more head room and hopefully a more comfortable driving position.

The new structure has resulted in the seats being able to be lowered almost 1.5 inches but maintaining everything that will be required to keep the them safe and secure. the new bars have been colour coded to be in keeping with the Golden Sands finish.


Removing our Packard’s head

We needed to remove the enormous head of our 1939 Packard to reveal the gasket and as expected unfortunately this is what is causing the running issues.

A new gasket has been order from the US and the head is currently being machined to remove all imperfections.

We can now confirm that the head is misshapen by approximately 3/4mm which explains a lot of the difficulties we’ve been facing. Once we’ve machined and skimmed the head the new gasket can be applied.

The new heat shields are now in position

There are fores and againsts’ with the Jaguar E-Type V12 engine; the fores are that it is a truly stunning engine that looks and sounds incredible…the againsts is that it is so big and tight that it is difficult to take close up pictures of things 🙂

Here we have the new heat shields now in position. As always, Dave has worked methodically on getting these into position and we are very happy with the results.

We’ll now start to look at the interior fit…