November 8, 2018

Fitting the new sills

It has been a tough few days and Tommy has been working solidly but we have now successfully fitted up the new sills.

Still a bit of work to go before we can carry out the paintwork but we have made fantastic progress up to now.


Replacing the damaged BMW 840 radiator

We were informed of a water leak on our 1998 BMW 840CI the day before she arrived in our workshops so part of our task was to identify the issue and rectify where necessary.

As a short term fix and to enable to vehicle to reach our workshops safely, the customer applied Radweld into the system. Radweld repairs holes caused by damage and corrosion. It has been specifically designed not to block channels and clog radiators. Radweld will target small leaks in your radiator without causing blockages.

With the car successfully in our possession we can now look to the cause of the problem and address the issues first hand.

Upon removal it is clear to see the bottom of the radiator shows damage. With the radiator removed we can now call upon the assistance of our good friends at Sheldrake & Wells.

2 days later they arrive with a brand spanking new one for our project. Sometimes it’s good to look around. It’s very easy in the classic car world to assume that parts can not be sourced and therefore the only way to overcome an issue is to repair what you have. This is a great example that not all components need to be rebuilt, some are still available and on the shelf.

…and a much more cost effective solution too!