August 16, 2018

A fairy tale story, just like the glass slipper!!

It is one of those stories that couldn’t be written.

For many months we have been on the hunt for a Jaguar E-Type V12 pulley. Some examples have come and gone. We’ve tried plan A, B and C and have gotten nowhere.

Having called pretty everyone who knows anything about Jaguars in the hope of finding one on their shelves we were close to running out of options so we decided to design the pulley ourselves and have it re-manufactured using the latest machining technologies.

Yesterday Dave had completed the drawing and found himself standing in front of our precision engineers in Claydon, Suffolk to explain exactly what needed to be done.

One of the machinists then came out with one of the most inspiring sentences we’ve ever heard…’my neighbour has an E-Type V12.’

So off we went and sure enough here is the very V12 pulley we require, taken directly from his fully functioning V12 E-Type.

Just like Cinderella’s slipper it fits so now a trip back to Claydon. With the latest CNC technologies we will be able to reproduce a batch of the pulley’s just in case, one day, we get a call from a restoration company desperately in need of a Jaguar E-Type V12 pulley.

Jeremy Clarkson on A Level results day.

Whether you feel he’s inspiring or not he makes a very good point. Credit to Jeremy Clarkson on A Level results day.

‘Don’t worry if your A level grades aren’t any good. I got a C and 2 Us. And I’m sitting here deciding which of my Range Rovers to use today.’