August 13, 2018

Collection of classic motorcycles

Up in the highlands of Scotland this week for a very unusual trip. Ordinarily we travel up and down the country to collect some fantastic classic cars but this long trip was for a collection of classic motorcycles.

After a mammoth 17hr trip home here we welcome our latest additions, 4 classic motorcycles. From left to right; a 1983 Kawasaki Z200-A6, 1966 Velocette Vogue, 1961 Ariel Leader and a 1961 Francis Barnett Trials 85.


Producing a new water housing

We have identified the cause of the water leak and build up of dirty residue under the bonnet. Having removed the hosing we have discovered a fault with the water housing. Dave has spent the morning reproducing the connector whilst Pete has been busy cleaning up the build up.

We have now successfully fitted the new water housing and securely the hosing back into position.