August 3, 2018

Re-producing the spare wheel carrier

Our Jensen 541S has been bare due to the missing spare wheel carrier and like most items on the Jensen they are almost impossible to source.

Thanks to David at the Jensen Owner’s Club we now have exactly what we need and the spare wheel is now securely in position.

Finishing off the brakes and clutch system

We are now making the final few touches to our 1971 Jaguar E-Type brake and clutch system. Next week we aim to run her up for the first time in situ to see how we get on and what tweaks may be needed.

We should be expecting the final part of the interior back any day now which means we can then concentrate our efforts on fitting up.


Recommissioning our 1935 Riley

We’ve been out today to collect our 1935 Riley for the recommission to commence. Currently not running at all but has been some time ago so we do not envisage any huge issues to contend with. First things first; get her back to the Woodbridge workshops to have a good look over.

When arriving on site we were greeted by a lovely selection of classics including this beautiful little Rover with a true British number plate.