July 25, 2018

Stripping our Audi 100 Coupe

Our Audi 100 Coupe S is well on the way to be completely stripped.

We’ve hit the ground running with this project and have managed to strip all major components from the car within a couple of days.

We have uncovered a couple of areas of rot that will need attention during the welding process and I’m sure there will be more to come as we progress with the restoration.

For now, the running gear is off and currently being blasted and refurbished and more of the interior and exterior is being removed, wrapped and stored.

Mercedes 500SL – The very first clean

So before arriving to us here at Bridge Classic Cars our 1987 Mercedes 500SL had been stored for some time under a tree.

With her now up and running and all levels checked our first trip was to drop her off with Mike down at Shine Supply UK to give her a good clean and find out to what extent the restoration may or may not be.