July 23, 2018

Lada Riva running issues

In our workshops this week we have a 1987 Lada Riva with some running issues. The car looked and felt to be starving of fuel so we needed to look into what could have been the cause.

Firstly, the air filter is severely clogged up so a replacement air filter was ordered.

With the top removed we also noticed that the recently fitted carb had a perished gasket so whilst everything was out of the space we looked at rebuilding the carb with new gaskets.

She’s running much better but still has a flat spot when pulling away so more work is needed to diagnose the underlying problem.

The Bedford radiator is now refurbished

Our 1971 Bedford J Series truck arrived in with us in desperate need of a radiator overhaul. Thanks to the guys at Sheldrake & Wells in Ipswich the radiator is now fully refurbished, looking lovely, working as it should and now back on the car.

Repairing the loose runners on the TF seats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We had an issue to resolve on our 1954 MGTF, the seat was permanently stuck in position and would not move forward or back.

Upon closer inspection the runners were actually loose but this gave the opposite affect when weight was on the seat. The runners had positioned themselves like skies, pointing in different directions so the seat was essentially seized.

Having removed the seats and securing the runners back into position we are now able to move freely forwards and back.

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Fitting up the new Capri brakes

The new brakes have arrived today for the Capri so we are one step closer to having her back on the road looking gorgeous.