April 12, 2018

Rebuilding the E-Type brakes

With the rear cradle removed from the car in order to rebuild the brakes we decided to clean it up and give it a new paint finish just to freshen it up. It is important to think of the smaller jobs at every step of the way as the opportunity to clean up and paint components like this may not crop up again for a good number of years, if at all.

the new master cylinder and servo have now been fitted too.

And the new discs and calipers are now also fitted too so we will soon be good to go…and stop!!

Stripping the E-Type brakes

The car arrived to us with the brakes completely seized, the fluid had solidified and dried up.

We’ve now stripped them back completely and are now in the process of rebuilding the front and rears.

Whilst the rear cradle is out we will clean up and re-paint so give it a fresh look.