October 10, 2017

Coming Soon – 1965 Amphicar

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are currently in talks with the current owner of a very rare find, a 1965 Amphicar.

Mr Sinclair has owned the car for many years and has carried out a lot of the restoration works himself:

A complete reconditioned engine, a re-bore with new pistons, new cam shaft and cam followers, head skimmed and unleaded valves and guides, crank ground ends mains, new distributor, plugs, leads and chain. The gearbox has been rebuild with all bearings and the seals replaced.  The brakes have been replaced, the shoes and all pipes have been renewed. The body has been overhauled by a professional which included £6000 worth of panels; including new bonnet, inner and outer rear wings and wheel arches (these are not like a normal car but are inside the wings and are part of the the body structure which cost many thousands to do.)  New tyres have been fitted  and she has a new hood which still needs to be fitted.

We believe the car was shipped over to the current owner from Beverly Hills Car Club and all being well should be coming to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in the very near future.

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Final stages of completion

We are now on the final push of our 1949 MG YT restoration project. The journey has been been fantastic and we have had lots of lovely comments on the car. Everyone from the MG enthusiast to the general public walking on by and looked in and admired it’s styling and unique design.

She is now in the assembly room of our Ipswich workshops and by the end of this week we should be nearing completion.

MGTC returns for some remedial work

Recently we took on a project to rebuild one side of our 1947 MG TC’s woodwork. This included a full rebuild of the woodwork frame. Once the work was complete we carried out a rear re-spray of the vehicle.

When carrying out some unrelated work on site last week we noticed a slight imperfection in the bodywork…where we had previously carried out the repair.

For anyone who knows us at Bridge Classic Cars our motto is quite simple, if we have to question something then it isn’t right and having noticed the small line under the paint we decided to have her back in to our workshops to investigate the problem.

The paintwork was stripped back once again and the issues have been resolved.