June 7, 2017

HMC complete and going home

Work is now complete on our 1997 HMC Mk IV so it’s au revoir for now.

The 2 new tyres were fitted this morning so off she goes to enjoy the Suffolk summer sun!


Jaguar E-Type – Now On It’s Wheels

The time has come for our 1967 Jaguar E-Type to, once again, return to the floor.

It’s been a long time, sitting up high on our frame-work trolley but now with the donor wheels fully fitted she can be wheelled around once again and we can continue with the rebuild on the floor level…for now!

Jensen 541S primed and ready for paint

Here we have the first pictures of our Jensen 541S in prime ready for paint.

The original colours have now been approved and the car is ready to be transformed from maroon back to the original factory Pearl Grey with a black roof.