1990 Morgan 4/4 – getting summer ready

We have now taken in the first of the fantastic collection of cars on offer at Big Sky Classic Car Hire. With a diary full of summer bookings, the cars have been off the road for the winter and have come in now for a general check over and to correct any minor issues that have developed over the season.

First up, we have our 1990 Morgan 4/4. One of only 42 1990 4/4’s and one of 3,560 4/4’s of all ages currently licensed or SORNd in the UK.

The 4/4 (stands for ‘four wheels and 4 cylinders’) model was launched in 1936 and is still the smallest and lightest of the Morgan 4 wheel cars in production.

In 1936 the engine was an 1100 cc Coventry Climax unit and since then a variety of engines and transmissions have been used but in more recent years Ford 1600 or 1800 engines and gearboxes have dominated. A total of 5448 versions of this particular model were made between 1968 and 1993 in both 2 and 4 seater options.


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