1990 Austin Mini Thirty in the Trim Shop

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Kath has been working her magic on one of our future competition cars, this lovely little Austin Mini Thirty. The interior of our Mini was in need of restorative works. Kath has done an incredible job on the steering wheel, dash and rear door pockets.

First up, Kath tackled the steering wheel. She masked up the black centre section and sanded down the leather to smooth it out. She then applied flexible filler, left the filler to dry and then sanded down.

Kath then cleaned the surface before applying specialist leather colour paint to the leather. This paint will not crack and is perfect for reconditioning high-wear surfaces such as a steering wheel.

Next up for Kath, the worn rear door pockets. She marked up the two new panel insets, cut to size and installed into the car for the perfect fit.

The dash of our Mini was also very well worn and in need of restoration. Kath started by making a rough template to mill a new dashboard from. She then marked out and scored the board to bend into shape. It has now been positioned in place. A air vent hole will need to be drilled and the air vent fitted when this arrives with us.

Superb work, Kath.

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