1985 Mercedes 280 SL Braking Issues

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Mr Butcher of Ipswich, Suffolk recently brought in his beautiful 1985 Mercedes 280 SL for a few niggling issues that he wanted us here at Bridge Classic Cars to take a look at.

The Mercedes SL is always a dream to work on as our team have a lot of experience with these. As we’ve mentioned before Gordon was a former Benson and Hedges Classic Concours winner himself, with a Mercedes 230sl Pagoda roof and competitor on many classic rallies. So Mr Butcher…your car is in very safe hands!!

1985 Mercedes 280SL at Bridge Classic Cars

John discovered a fault with the braking system which needed to be resolved so we fitted brand new brake callipers, sender units and brake discs.

1985 Mercedes 280SL at Bridge Classic Cars

It had been reported to us of an issue with the passenger window not working when it should be, this normally results in a new window mechanism and motor. Luckily, head technician Asa was on hand to repair the fault with the mechanism and save a huge amount of money in not having to purchase a whole new motor.

The fault was found and fixed in no time at all.

As a team of passionate classic car enthusiasts, we enjoy working on classic cars. When you enjoy working on something you naturally go the extra mile. We hear all too often from customers that the ‘all round’ garages do not think of the smaller detail and do not often come up with the solutions. In this case, a new mechanism could have been used but would have cost well over £400 to the customer. As experts in our field we were able to repair the fault for a fraction of the cost. We are happy and our customer is happy!

1985 Mercedes 280SL at Bridge Classic Cars

1985 Mercedes 280SL at Bridge Classic Cars

As we had fitted a new braking system to the Mercedes we thought it was best to run her through a new MOT and full service just as extra piece of mind that the job was complete! We fitted new serviceable items throughout: spark plugs, oil filters, air filter, oil, leads, cap, rotor arm, shock absorbers, steering shock absorber and belts.

A very worthwhile and fulfilling project.

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