1964 Rover P5 Coupe – The Assessment Begins

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

As it recently arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, our 1964 Rover P5 Coupe needs to undergo a thorough inspection and assessment from our experienced team of classic car technicians.

Paul has begun his initial assessment of this beautiful classic car as preparations begin for it to be offered as a competition car through Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

Our 1964 Rover P5 Coupe impressed Paul as, from first impressions, it looks to be in good shape. However, Paul did notice that, despite the car being well cared for and maintained, it appears that one of the brake shoes was fitted incorrectly.

This has now been resolved and the inspection and assessment of our 1964 Rover P5 will continue until Paul and the rest of the workshop team are completely satisfied that it is ready for someone to win.

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