1960 MGA Interior Trim

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Brian and Kath have continued working on our gorgeous 1960 MGA interior restoration.

They’ve glued and fitted the rear wheel arch carpets and fitted the rear bulkhead carpet, making sure to perfectly cut around the gearbox tunnel. 

They then fitted the armrest, cutting around the handbrake lever. The gearstick surround carpet and the gearbox fennel carpet were then fitted. The black is beautifully offset by red piping to match the MGA’s exterior colour. The interior is really starting to come together as this restoration approaches completion.

The wheel arch panels have been fitted while the front door pockets were screwed into place.

The drivers footwell carpet required a 30mm hole for the front driver mat cap. Kath has sewn in a grommet to allow the carpet to be secured to the floor of the car. It’s in the little details that ensure the overall presentation of this car is excellent.

Moving down the rear of the car the boot is now complete. Kath and Brian made a bespoke great wheel cover and boot board. 

Wonderful work, team! 

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