1960 Jensen 541S ready for primer

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The big day is almost here…the day our 1960 Jensen 541S body preparation is complete and ready for first stage primer. Within the next few days we’ll have the first pictures of the car in primer.

As one of 3 prototypes original built and the only one to be built as an original automatic, our 1960 Jensen 541S was personally owned and registered to the Jensen brothers themselves.

As we have mentioned before, it left the factory in Pearl Grey with a black roof but over the years has been altered to Pearl Grey with a maroon roof before finally settling as a full maroon car.

The car will be taken back to the original colours but we can’t pass this milestone without crediting whoever resprayed the car to maroon.

Having taken the shell right back to bare it is very difficult to find anywhere where the car was originally Pearl Grey. A fantastic job was done on the respray, however, a couple of questionable areas have been discovered. Questionable, as in, why were these simple areas missed in the first place when so much time and effort had been spent on the more difficult areas. Great for us to be able to discover the originality of it. As you can see, behind the rear lights and across the front both show signs of the original Pearl Grey.

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