Our 1960 Jensen 541S in need of some new wheel arches

With the rear cross members and leaf hangers in place it was time for Asa to focus on the rear wheel arches which are in desperate need of repair.

It is a common issue we’ve found with the Jensen 541 chassis’, they rot…and unfortunately it is often not until you remove the sills do you find how badly they have been affected.

Removing the sills and body from the chassis on a Jensen 541 is not an easy task but it is one that must be carried out, and must be carried out delicately and with confidence. A lot of technicians would not even attempt the procedure as the thought alone is scary but when you are looking at the 1960 Jensen 541S prototype, one of only three that were made and the only one to hold the automatic gearbox you are looking at a special car. And the history of this car alone is enough to ensure the work is carried out right!

Here we have the rear arches cut away at the affected areas. Upon exposing the chassis tubing it is evident that these will also need to be removed and replaced with new tubing too.

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