1957 Triumph TR3: Service and MOT

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

This gorgeous Triumph TR3 is such a credit to it’s keeper. It’s been getting plenty of attention sitting pretty in our workshop. This newly restored TR3 is in for it’s third year service.

Mauro and John have changed the engine oil and ensured all fluid levels are correct. We’ve lubricated all the required chassis and running gear components. we’ve checked the engine valves and given the car new filters.

Being a historic vehicle, no MOT is required. However for additional peace of mind, this vehicle has sailed through her MOT.

There was a small fault with the passenger door which has now been rectified. The door was needing to be slammed harder than you’d expect for a TR3. This was caused by a stud bolt being slightly too long, causing additional friction when shutting the door. We’ve ground the bolt down and now the door shuts percetly.

Lovely work, Team.

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