1000 Miglia 2020

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1000 Miglia or ‘Mille Miglia’ as it’s also know, takes place this week in Italy. This yearly rally re-enactment is in honour of the historical race that took place between 1927-1957.

There are 400 carefully selected cars that take part each year, based on very specific criteria. The rally is due to set off from Brescia on 22nd October, heading south along Lake Garda then Milan, reaching it’s most southern point, Rome, by Saturday. The cars will then start heading back north through Siena, Parma and back to Brescia by Sunday. You can view the entire route here.

Our show-ready 1957 Triumph TR3 is one of the select few classics to be on that prestigious 1000 Miglia list. Being that it was built in the final year of the race in 1957 and meets several other of their strict criteria.

In honour of the prestigious 1000 Miglia we’re running a competition to win our 1957 Triumph TR3 for a fraction of its value. An independent valuation values our TR3 at over £60,000. Tickets to win however, are only £15!

Just imagine taking this exquisite classic to ‘The Most Beautiful Race In The World‘ and be a part of the distinguished ‘owners circle’.

For your chance to become the owner of one of the very few Millie Miglia eligible classics, head to the Bridge Classic Cars Competitions website for more information and to purchase your tickets.

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